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The messages used to articulate & simplify your vision will be the difference between closing a round and closing your door. That’s why, as experts in both healthcare and communication, we’ve built a four step process to deliver what you need.  


Define the industry challenge and your company solution


Examine your stakeholders through our signature technique to construct audience-specific language


Create your comprehensive key message strategy and brand story


Integrate your new messaging strategy into an operational plan

Our Founder


Jessica Ovadia, Mph

Founder and Chief Communication Officer


Jessica is a healthcare communicator and a problem solver, with over a decade of experience helping clients articulate their message through engaged interactions, artful language choice and thoughtful strategy. Over the years, she has crystalized the process of transforming any message from complex to concise. Both professionally and personally, she believes that clear communication and intentional, personal connections change the world.

Jessica has a Bachelor of Science in communication from New York University and a Masters of Public Health from Emory University. She has worked as a communication and change management expert for a national healthcare consulting firm, far reaching healthcare system, global pharmaceutical company and several international startups.  

Her love of healthcare and deep passion for effective, clear communication naturally led to the foundation of Jessica Ovadia - Healthcare Messaging.

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