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Confidently articulate your value, communicate effectively with the audience you serve & finally grow your revenue, investments, partnerships & more.
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Imagine if the most effective language used to describe who you are and what you do was codified – to be referenced each time a communication need arose for you and your team. You'd always be prepared for a meeting, reduce anxiety before a pitch and confidently showcase your expertise in the market. You would also break free from messaging mayhem - the cycle of overwhelm and doubt associated with crafting, editing, revising and repeat. 

Introducing the Messaging Foundation. Effortless, value-driven communication with any audience, in all settings. 


Here are three ways to stop wasting time & money today:

Training & Resources

Expertise Delivered with “The Check-Up” 

Healthcare communications' best kept secrets, simplified and synthesized into newsletters, blog posts, digital resources and more 

Digital Workbook

Engineer Your Foundation

A guide to crafting your own messaging foundation, using the same process we use with 1-on-1 clients and 25+ templates to keep you on track. Build it yourself or share with your team 

1-on-1 Consulting

Done-For-You Messaging  Foundation

6-week intensive where I build your messaging foundation, guide you through implementation and for those interested, stick around for consistent, strategic oversight

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Why Jessica Ovadia – Healthcare Messaging?

Would you ever build a home without a foundation or construct a bridge without an engineer? No! Everything would crumble just as soon as you begin.  

Relationship building and organization growth is no different. 

As a content strategist for 15+ years, I have helped countless healthcare leaders, founders and writers engineer a solid foundation to support their marketing and communication needs, big & small.  Using the systematic 3-phase approach of Investigate - Build - Implement, I can help you break free from messaging mayhem to enjoy effortless content creation and engaging conversations with those who matter most.  

A Messaging Foundation Gifts You...

Competitive Report



Company Narrative

Solution Descriptors

Stakeholder Talking Points

Communication Plan 

Frequently Asked Questions

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"Jessica gave me useful insights and help with expressing the benefits of my products and I really enjoyed working with her."

Joyce Waterhouse,

founder and CEO of Inlet Health

"With a growing demand for mental health services, we needed an initial messaging strategy to elevate and differentiate our presence. Jessica Ovadia-Healthcare Messaging solved this challenge by helping define our mission and aligning our communication materials. We are democratizing mental health care for everyone. Thanks to Jessica Ovadia - Healthcare Messaging, we now have better tools and scripts to communicate our vision, simply and effectively, to those in need.”

Alex Frenkel,

CEO of

"Working with Jessi was pivotal, for both the messaging strategy and the overarching vision of the company. She was easy to work with and the results were very satisfying.” 

Paul LeFloch,

CEO and Co-founder of Axoft

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