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Brand and Content Strategist for Healthcare Organizations

Raise your hand if...

Your communication needs are extending beyond your teams capacity, yet you don't want to hire someone full time

Simplifying healthcare’s complexities seems more like an oxymoron than a strategy

Preparing for your upcoming raise feels overwhelming

It’s a struggle to design messaging which honors the specificity of your solution without excluding any stakeholders

Your company has matured, but your messaging lags behind

You've struggled to find a wordsmith who can capture the complexities of the industry - requiring edits and revisions you don't have time for

Rest assured, you’ve come to the right place


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Healthcare Messaging Pulse

A step-by-step guide to building your organization’s communication strategy

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Foundational Messaging Package

A comprehensive, plug-n-play messaging strategy, from high-level vision to stakeholder specific language 

Communication Partnership

Leading your daily communication operations as an “in-house” content manager would

Gain confidence to reach your goals &...

Enter a new market

Launch a new product line

Elevate your story

Close a funding round

Secure new partnerships

Save more lives

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"Jessica gave me useful insights and help with expressing the benefits of my products and I really enjoyed working with her."

Joyce Waterhouse,

founder and CEO of Inlet Health


Inspired by today’s healthcare news and designed to connect you with your audience,

The Check-Up is your complementary dose of all things healthcare communication

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