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Two Pens on Notebook

From Mayhem to Clarity

Find out how a messaging foundation allowed these organizations to effortlessly communicate their value - regardless of audience, setting and circumstance.  

Meet Axoft, the creators of a complex neural implant, with massive implications for the future of neurological based disorders. To transition out of stealth mode and begin their next raise, Axoft needed to simply and effectively communicate their value. However, creating a product with multiple applications - for varied stakeholders - meant concise language and an overall strategy was tough to create. Together, we uncovered key Axoft differentiators, the framework from which to create their Messaging Foundation, and visual brand assets, in partnership with a design studio.  

For more on Axoft's foundation + design, check out their website. 

Cute Notebooks

Excerpts from the Messaging Foundation

Axoft Value Proposition

Unparalleled access to neural code 

Axoft Mission Statement

Axoft's bio-inspired, scalable implant promotes long-term communication with the nervous system- transforming clinical outcomes, individual health and the human experience.


Axoft Call To Action

Join us as we redefine health

Med Device
Early-Stage AI Powered Mental Health Solution 

Client X is a AI powered tool created to support individuals on their road to mental and emotional wellbeing. Targeting a demographic in grave need of support, yet in a market that was beginning to experience saturation, Client X needed to quickly and eloquently communicate their value and unique approach to solving access challenges. Complicating the strategy further, when individuals suffering from mental health conditions are not treated appropriately, the results can be devastating; Client X, therefore, needed to carefully and selectively communicate its benefits and limitations - all while generating opportunity excitement. 

Click here to read through more of Client X's

Messaging Foundation 

Cute Notebooks

Excerpts from the Messaging Foundation

Client X Value Proposition

Restoring connection, resilience and joy to individuals - everywhere 

Client X Mission Statement

With frictionless engagement, empathic intelligence and clinically validated therapeutic tools, Client X naturally supports individuals on their path to emotional health 


Client X Call To Action

Meet your personal, well-being companion 

New Market Entry for Care Delivery Network 

Y Health is a specialized care delivery network gearing up for a new market entry. Historically, their expansion had come from acquisition and word of mouth. However, growth into a new territory, especially in an industry hesitant to adjust working patterns, required a new approach to marketing and communication. Confident in their unique approach to specialized care and coordinated networks, the Y Health team sought support in crafting their compelling, differentiated, yet simple messaging that could power marketing, media coverage and onboarding material as they grew.   

Click here to read more of Y Health's Messaging Foundation 

Cute Notebooks

Excerpts from the Messaging Foundation

Y Health Value Proposition

Making specialized care, routine 

Y Health Mission Statement

We are a speciality provider network extending collaborative care far beyond the exam room. With scalable resources & collective accountability, we bring simplicity, advocacy and synergy to the delivery of lower extremity medicine


Y Health Call To Action

Join us as we give patients continuous, routine access to the speciality care their health demands 

Growth Stage Technology Platform

After building and launching its intuitive Real Estate platform, Stavvy wanted to ensure their brand and visual story represented the disruptive market leaders they had become. Because terminology across the industry tends to be similar, market research, stakeholder interviews and vision oriented discussions led the strategic focus of differentiation. Ultimately, their goal of crafting a bold, compelling brand message, creative and unique launch campaign and updated visual identity came together, with the Messaging Foundation as its base. 

For more on Stavvy's foundation + design, check out their website. 

Cute Notebooks

Excerpts from the Messaging Foundation

The Stavvy Value Proposition

We are transforming the real estate transaction into a swift & secure, data-driven experience 

The Stavvy Mission Statement

We envision a future not only without paper, but without documents too; shattering the notion that paperless is as good as it gets. Just one simple, secure flow of data


The Stavvy Call To Action

Join us in moving real estate beyond documents

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