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1-on-1 Consulting 

Stop wasting time, money and energy in messaging mayhem 

Break the cycle and gift yourself effortless, value-driven communication with the Messaging Foundation

I’m betting that you’ve manipulated the same elevator pitch more times than you can count and still wonder if your ideal customer really understands what you do; 

Whether you’re gearing up for your first pitch or expanding growth into a new market, every time you craft a email, website, RFP and more, you walking straight into messaging mayhem 

⚕️1000 versions of the same deck on your desktop

⚕️A struggle to “simplify” a solution that, by design, is complex

⚕️Impossibly challenging questions from investors who just “don’t get it”

⚕️Countless “Elevator Pitch-FINAL” documents in your inbox (doesn’t final mean final?)

⚕️Frantic prep for an interview, 5 minutes before airtime  ​

⚕️ Inconsistent onboarding of a new client or employee 

⚕️ Distrust in your ability to lead a company you cannot describe  

This endless cycle of overwhelm is the reason most leaders – at any stage of growth – find it nearly impossible to increase revenue, close a round, mature operations and eventually, exit or IPO.

Ready to end messaging mayhem and communicate effortlessly with those who matter most?

Introducing the Done-for-You Messaging Foundation

6-week intensive where I build your messaging foundation, guide you through implementation and for those interested, stick around for consistent, strategic oversight


Week 1 

7 steps to uncover communication challenges, identify differentiation and categorize themes 


Week 2-5

Codify foundational language and build a comprehensive, content strategy


Week 6

Tactical application of the foundation delivered in a FAQ  and communication plan

Fast forward 6 weeks and imagine leading your team with... 

Competitive Report



Company Narrative

Solution Descriptors

Stakeholder Talking Points

Communication Plan 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is included in Digital Workbook?
    After completing the digital workbook, you will walk away with a Messaging Foundation to support effortless, value-driven communication with any audience, in all settings. + Competitive report + Robust word bank + Stakeholder map + Company narrative + Solution descriptive language + Stakeholder specific talking points + Communication plan + Frequently asked questions
  • Why should I choose the Digital Workbook over hiring you for 1-on-1 consulting?
    The digital workbook offers the same level of insights and expertise as 1-on-1 consulting, but at a fraction of the cost. Plus, with 10X flexibility, you’ll be able to work at your own pace, either alone or with a team member – without the time and process constraints sometimes associated with consulting. If you prefer to have the foundation engineered for you - check out the consulting page to book a discovery call and learn more. Hourly consulting is also available upon request.
  • How will the workbook help me communicated more easily?
    The workbook is based on 15+ years of expertise and guides you through the development of a comprehensive messaging foundation. Through it's 3-phase process of investigate, build, and implement, 25+ templates and insights tailored for healthcare, the workbook offers a rubric from which to craft all your current and future content, ultimately helping you engage with any stakeholders, in all settings.
  • Can I customize the content strategy to fit my organizations specific needs?
    Absolutely! The best part of the messaging foundation is that it provides a customized strategy to support your current and future needs. The 3-phase process, 25+ templates and insights outlined methodically within the workbook allow users to create unique content & engage with varied audiences, in any healthcare setting.
  • How much time will it take to complete each phase of the workbook, and what if I'm overwhelmed with the workload?
    The workbook is designed for flexibility; as such, the completion timing varies based on your pace and work style. Each step is defined and accompanied by a specific template to guide you through. If you follow the process as is outlined, you should not find it overwhelming. Of course, if after purchasing the workbook, you'd like to upgrade to the consulting program where I build the foundation for you, book a discovery call and enjoy a 15% discount.
  • Is there a refund policy if I am not satisfied with the workbook?
    While we do not offer refunds, we are committed to ensuring your satisfaction. If you encounter challenges or have concerns, please reach out to our support team, and we'll work together to address issues and provide additional guidance.
  • Can I purchase individual sections of the workbook, or is it only available as a complete package?
    The workbook is only available as a complete package. Each phase builds on the previous one, ensuring a comprehensive approach to developing your Messaging Foundation. If you aren’t ready to purchase or would like to access free training & resources, check out the resources section on our website. If you aren't sure what support you need, you can always book a single hour with Jessica. During the hour session, she will learn about your current status, identify potential challenges and offer some immediate strategic considerations. From there, you can work with her to map out next steps.
  • I have a team member responsible for marketing & communication. How can they use the workbook effectively and will they have access to ongoing support?
    The workbook is designed for team collaboration and can be shared with up to 3 others. Employees can follow the step-by-step guidance outlined in the workbook. For questions or support, please reach out to the support team. At any time throughout the process, you or your team member can schedule a 1 hour consulting meeting with Jessica where she can help bring other employees into the process, work on a section with you or trouble shoot if challenges arise.

The Offer 

By following my signature Investigate - Build - Implement process, I'll deliver a robust and solid messaging foundation so you can finally increase revenue, close a round, enter a new market and sore growth to new heights. 

6-week intensive - $8,500
Monthly strategic partnership - $2,500/month (& up)
Hourly consulting - $100/hr 


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