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Words Still Matter...But That's Not The Whole Story

As our world opens up and many begin to experience the “light at the end of the tunnel," I am curious as to the experiences, feelings, and lessons from this past year we wish to take forward. Lately, I have written a lot about the power of our words and thoughts. But, in reflection, something about this year has deconstructed my belief around words. I find myself connected to the intention behind the word, perhaps even more strongly than the word itself. Yes, words are used to help us show up in the world. It is the clothing we choose to wear… The hairstyle we choose to adorn. Yet sometimes, we mistakenly choose a word that does not mirror our said intention. After a year of interest and struggle to understand differing cultures and communities, many of us now connect deeply to this sentiment. 'Seek to understand' as they say.

Yet, I stand by my belief that words are everything. Words are the way we translate what we feel and experience into a message. Therefore, after a year full of 'seek to understand,' I struggle between intention and word choice. And perhaps, to be truly human and vulnerable, we must exist somewhere in the middle. If I show up in the world wearing a word that doesn’t suit my intentions, that’s OK. I can apologize… using words… return to my closet (preferably walk-in), and pick a new word. Intentions are critical because they allow us to check ourselves. And it helps us recognize that others need the chance to do the same ...fix mistakes and explain their perspective. Everybody has their own set of intentions and circumstances and when we look at the words alone, we are missing part of the story. So yes, words remain everything because they are the tool we use to show up in this world, and in some cases, change it. However, this year has reinforced my appreciation for intention; its the force behind the word. And in the case that our intention and words don’t match, there is always an opportunity to change our outfit and choose a more flattering word.


For those who are still struggling through these challenging times, hang in there. And for those who have begun to live more freely, I hope you find the elements of this past year to hold dear.

The right words are those which match our intentions.

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