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Jessica Ovadia helps healthcare entrepreneurs, startup organizations and established medical companies craft foundational, compelling messaging to simplify their offer and grow market share.

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Healthcare Messaging Pulse

A step-by-step personalized guide to building your organization’s compelling communication strategy

Taking a pulse is a fundamental part of preventive care. It’s the perfect way to check in, assess your health and identify next steps. Offer your company the same care with The Messaging Pulse - a critical communication checkup and guide to improving your company’s messaging health. 


If you know you need a messaging refresh but are unsure of where to begin or would like a roadmap delivered so you can write and implement the strategy yourself - The Messaging Pulse is for you.  


With the pulse, we translate the complexities of your offer into a simple, step-by-step guide - giving you the tools needed to rewrite your core messaging, update marketing collateral and engage your audience.  

Designed for those short on time, after one week together, you’ll receive: 


⚕️ A systematized audit of your current communication materials (strategic and tactical) based on business goals, marketing challenges and industry demands 


🎯 Revised communication goals aligned with your business objectives and strategic outlook 


🗺️ A step-by-step actionable guide to building a messaging strategy & communication plan, based on a clear understanding of stakeholder motivation and applied to current and future marketing collateral (one pager, pitch deck, website, and more), when relevant  

Let us do the hard work for you and deliver a guide to transform your communication … book a call today. 


Timeline - 1 week

For more on the Messaging Pulse, click here.

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Foundational Messaging Package

A comprehensive, plug-n-play messaging strategy - from high-level vision to stakeholder specific language

Writing compelling messaging to differentiate your value, simply, requires content expertise, time and human capital. And, as a leader of a healthcare organization, you may find these difficult to access. 


If you need a comprehensive, ‘soup-to-nuts’ messaging strategy, and are willing to allocate the resources to have it done - quickly and accurately - the Foundational Messaging Package is the best choice for you. 


This package takes the Pulse to a whole new level. We not only evaluate your collateral and create a roadmap for improvement, we apply it - delivering a complete high-level strategy, stakeholder specific key messages, FAQ and the training materials required to build a communication plan, right away. 


Save time and avoid the headache with the foundational messaging you need to expand, innovate and raise funds, today. 


Our 6 week process results in the following 5 deliverables: 


🗞 Stakeholder Map - A rubric to identify who you target and why they are interested, paying special attention to their pain points and motivators which may inform specific communication styles 

📖 Messaging Playbook - Your word script, detailing the mission and company story, value proposition, differentiation, stakeholder specific messaging and more. Essentially, delivering the specific words you’ll use, in the many circumstances you’ll encounter

📑 FAQ Document - A guide to answering your toughest inquiries, this document is a collection of the questions your stakeholders will inevitably ask, coupled with the strategic language to answer them. These answers not only provide information to your stakeholders, they uniquely frame the challenges as solutions - encouraging collaboration and trust

⏺Messaging Implementation 101 -  Recorded and personalized training on how to apply your new messaging strategy to the tactical elements of your business (such as a pitch deck, one pager, website, email)

🔮Messaging Shift Handbook - Teaching you how to update your messaging in the future so your language remains as current as your strategy


All growth starts with a strong foundation. For your complete and comprehensive key message strategy, book today


Timeline - 6 weeks

For more on the foundation, click here

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Communication Partnership

Your “in-house” content manager, leading your day-to-day communication operations

For true market impact and business growth, you must engage with your stakeholders - regularly and individually. And while a robust communication strategy provides a critical foundation - even the best strategy falls flat without a plan to implement it. 


This is why we created the Monthly Communication Partnership. 


Designed to save you time and offer you ongoing access to our expertise - this partnership ensures each stakeholder is met with the message AND tactic that suits them best. Whether managing a content calendar, updating the website, building marketing collateral and more, we’ll manage your communication deliverables - so you can keep innovating.

After building your tactical communication plan, we’ll execute and manage elements, such as:

🤝 Vendor relationships -  saving you the headache and hassle of communication “ping-pong”

🖥️ Website content - choosing language, and supporting graphics, which reflect the overall strategy and improve user experience

📝 Marketing collateral - helping you reach your audience through one-pagers, pitch decks, conference materials and more

⌨️Ongoing content - establishing consistent dialogue through content calendars, blog posts and more


Let us handle your communication to-do list! Book a call today


Timeline - 3 month minimum commitment

Don’t see the perfect solution for you?
Reach out for a customized package TODAY.

And be sure to inquire about workshops and speaking engagements!

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