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Content Strategist for Healthcare Organizations
Lay the perfect foundation for value-driven communication with any audience, in all settings  

Raise your hand if...

It's tough to convince others to invest in your solution before it's ready for market or clinical trials 

You don't have answers to the dreaded questions investors throw your way 

You consider "simplifying healthcare's complexities" to be more like an oxymoron than a strategy 

Incorporating investor feedback into your pitch is the last thing you have time for 

It's impossible to speak "simply" about your solution without excluding future opportunities 

Your company has matured, but your messaging has not

You dream about the day you no longer need to frantically update talking points before each meeting or interview

You wish you had the resources to build a full scale content strategy


You have the resources for content support, but hate the idea of investing in a strategy that will always evolve 

The writers and consultants you have worked with in the past don't appreciate the complexities of the industry 

Rest assured, you’ve come to the right place....
 Engineer a strong messaging foundation (aka: a content strategy that actually works) and never struggle to communicate your value again

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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3 offers designed to simplify communication & content strategy by transforming healthcare leaders into content engineers 

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Healthcare Messaging Pulse

A customized guide to crafting your own strong, sustainable messaging foundation 

Image by Jess Bailey

A comprehensive plug-n-play messaging foundation, done with you, for you 

Foundation Partnership

Leading your monthly communication operations as an “in-house” content manager would

A solid messaging foundation will  support all your marketing and communication needs...

Finally break into the US healthcare system​

Answer the toughest questions you receive 


Close your round swiftly 


Confidently & simply describe your solution 


Pivot your business strategy without loosing

your audience 


Trust that your team is pitching using the same language you would 


Train new hires with consistent brand language 


Create and update marketing collateral easily 

Document with Pen


Marble Surface

"Jessica gave me useful insights and help with expressing the benefits of my products and I really enjoyed working with her."

Joyce Waterhouse,

founder and CEO of Inlet Health


years of healthcare experience


foundations laid  


healthcare stakeholders impacted


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