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  • Jessica Ovadia

Success in Healthcare Messaging. Three Steps to Building Your Communication Foundation.

The healthcare industry is complicated and nuanced, and each stakeholder has their own story, motivator, and preference.

  • Patients require digestible information

  • Providers are resource-constrained

  • Finance leaders are concerned with reimbursements

  • Investors hate healthcare’s lengthy sale cycles

To grow with impact, among these stakeholders, a strong communication foundation is not only critical – it is necessary. This involves crystalizing our offer and identifying its ability to manage the key industry challenges of today.

Of course, building this foundation doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, the process may involve a few steps back before moving ahead… pause, evaluate, write. Then, with solid messaging in hand, we can build our strategic plan. So, how do we get started?

To build a foundation that will support any business, the following three pillars must be addressed: Stakeholder Map, Key Message Playbook, Frequently Asked Questions

Stakeholder Map

To articulate any message successfully, we must go beyond identifying the customer. And to do that, we must ask probing questions to learn more about the impact of our service or product.

  • Whose job will be made easier?

  • Who will make more money with the implementation of this product?

  • Why will oppose my service?

  • Who influence’s my customer?

  • Which market trends will affect my offering?

  • What are my competitors doing well and how will I stand out?

Gathering this information can help us identify our stakeholders and become intimately connected with their challenges and opportunities.

Key Message Playbook

This deliverable is the bedrock of all successful communication. Our key messages should inform the way we speak about everything, to everyone…


What do we want to be known as? We can think of this as our nickname.


What is the big picture goal? We can leave the details for later.

👉Industry Challenge, Solution and Company Story

We must get this right. On a website, in an email response, live in a board room or a one pager… these words must remain short, relevant and accurate.

👉Features, Differentiators, and More

Draft, edit, refine, repeat. When founders use industry jargon, it falls flat and the audience notices. Here, we must choose words wisely through a process which may take time.

👉Stakeholder Messaging

Remember that map we put together? Well, now we apply it in 3-5 bullet points which speak directly to each audience. If we want our audience to feel heard and valued, we cannot skip this.

This playbook will be our guide to build consistent growth, overtime. And the best part of the playbook is the process itself. Choosing, articulating, and massaging words before communicating to the masses.

Frequently Asked Questions Document

Growth is on the other side of discomfort. We must answer the tough questions before they are asked of us.

  • Why haven’t we raised more money?

  • Why did our contract with the hospital end?

  • Why are we raising funds if we are already profitable?

  • Why has there been so much turnover in our company?

  • The price for our service is higher than the competition. Why?

Healthcare professionals such as investors, physicians, and patients all have questions. And rather than hoping they don’t ask, let’s get ahead of the discomfort and share the information they want to hear.

So, back to the original question… How do we build a foundation for success?

We learn more about the people we are talking to, what they want to hear and how our product solves their concerns. Once we do that, our foundation is solid, and from there, anything is possible.

Reach out to Jessica Ovadia for help on getting your foundation built:

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1 Comment

Mar 14, 2022

completely agree. A strong foundation and understanding the stakeholders is so Vital to success.

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