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  • Jessica Ovadia

How to gain insights from a world full of information.

Gratitude, meditation, exercise, controlled thoughts, free thinking, medication, religion, manifestation... shall I continue?

I recently overheard a quote that resonated deeply: "Our world is full of information and options. Now, we need insights."

On the macro level, our world is growing rapidly. Yet, some days - you and me on a smaller scale - our world feels tiny. It can be overwhelming to balance the massive expectations "out there" with the personal and often limiting conversations in our head.

And we have tools.

💬 Start a gratitude journal and identify 3 things you are grateful for

🔅 A morning routine is do or die.

🙌🏻 Meditation calms the mind

🏃🏽‍♂️ Exercise awakens the body

🗣 Therapy manages our thoughts

and on and on and on...

None of these tools are bad. They serve a purpose - they create a routine to pause our connection with the massive external world and focus on the connection with ourselves, the more personal, smaller world. They help stop the thinking of what we could, should and would do and instead examine what we WANT to do.

"Too much information. Not enough insights." These tools can help us gain insights from the mess of information around us and build a life, day or moment that feels right.

Yet, even these tools can overwhelm and stifle. Are we meditating enough? What if my smoothie doesn't have the right protein powder in it? Could I be improving my mental capacity if I went to bed 30 minutes earlier?? Am I too grateful? Am I not grateful enough?

AHHHH. It's too much. When these tools are not managed appropriately, when they overwhelm or hinder our growth, we exacerbate the issues and return to the same challenge: "Our world is full of information and options. Now, we need insights."

I'm a system girl. It's why I love words - a system to share, create and communicate. I rely on systems to categorize my life. As luck would have it, it seems building a system to sort through this challenge is the best approach. Here's how I see it.

Way back when, before mom and dad had cell phones, emails or computers... people set goals. Perhaps the goal wasn't to kill it in business, launch a fund or innovate the digital health landscape but, there were goals.

Today, we still need goals. In fact, in our world full of information, we likely need goals more than ever! Small, big, monstrously bold... size doesn't matter, as long as it's meaningful. Then, to accomplish our goals, we need tools. Remember, those tools I mentioned earlier? The tools which seem to be greater in number than they are in benefit?? Well, turns out, when they are attached to a specific and measurable goal, they are very helpful. Set a goal, use a what? Evaluate! Did you reach your goal? Was the tool helpful? Should the goal change? This is the critical evaluation step, otherwise known as INSIGHTS.

1. Goal

2. Tool

3. Insight.


A big world, full of information, means loads of possibilities. And I am grateful for what it allows us all to accomplish. But, at the end of the day, the information being thrown at us is a series of tools. And these tools can hinder or support our growth. It's up to us to attach them to goals which feel right - ultimately leading to incredible insights.

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