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  • Jessica Ovadia

Innovating Through Questions

Hey there, early stage healthcare startups!

You've got a lot on your plate, but I want to remind you of the power of asking questions.

2022 was a wild ride for the healthcare industry, and we’re still riding out those waves in 2023 with changes and disruptions aplenty. But amidst all the chaos, there are opportunities for innovation.

And the key to seizing those opportunities?

Asking questions.

Questions help you identify those affected by change, understand the challenges that must be solved, uncover how to build a resonant solution, and develop an effective plan for communication.

For example, take Nurx, a telemedicine company that makes birth control and other reproductive health services more accessible and affordable. The founders asked questions, like, "Why is it so hard for women to access birth control?" and "How can we make reproductive healthcare more convenient and affordable?" These questions led to a solution that allows patients to get birth control prescriptions and deliveries through an app, making it easy and convenient to access care.

So as you prepare for more innovation, don't forget to ask questions!

Ask questions that challenge assumptions, uncover hidden problems, and reveal opportunities for growth. By asking the right questions, you can create solutions that truly make a difference in the healthcare industry.

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