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  • Jessica Ovadia

Meet The Main Characters In The Healthcare Story…

Writing a message requires an understanding of those receiving it.

So, here’s a detailed look at some of the players in our industry.

Payors/Payers (different spelling, same folks) are interested in short hospital stays, better outcomes and efficient care. They want to save money 💰 while saving lives - to improve their member and provider satisfaction 📈.

Patients want to feel better, pay less and access care 🏥 with ease.

Providers/Physicians/Practitioners/Clinicians advocate for their patients, are skilled at their craft and, unfortunately, feel overworked 😩. As you may notice, they also have different name preferences. So, do your homework before writing.

Policymakers are concerned with population welfare, reducing costs 💰sustainability & sometimes, profit.

...This is just the tip of the iceberg. Don’t forget the c-suite leaders of a system, advanced practice providers, entrepreneurs, pharma (big and small) and more.

We have written messaging for over 100 healthcare stakeholders, and yet, each time we partner with a new company, we dig into the characters all over again. Because even if 2 companies share stakeholders, the interest they have in one another will differ based on the challenge being solved.

It’s all easier said than done but be sure to identify your stakeholders' specific needs prior to communicating with them.

Need some help?

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