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Third times a charm, right??

Here in Israel, we are gearing up to close schools for the third time during this pandemic. And while I sit down to prepare activities and lead my family through the next several weeks, I'm having trouble focusing on the tomorrow, when feelings from yesterday are all consuming.

Exhaustion from always being on. I'm the mother, teacher, housekeeper ALWAYS

Shaken sense of worth as each monotonous, anxious day repeats without feedback to know I am doing ok

Frustration with releasing the hope and aspirations I had for the year, let alone, the day

However, if I am being honest, the experiences of the year have also left me with an immense sense of gratitude and confidence.

Gratitude that my family has health, happiness, stability and love

Confidence that if I was able to pivot quickly, relinquish control and maintain a relatively well adjusted family, I CAN LITERALLY DO OR LEAD ANYTHING

The brain is complicated but the mind is simple. When I focus on negative words and memories, I communicate fear to my mind and I anticipate those emotions for the future. However, when I am grateful and confident - my mind shows me evidence of that. I am capable of anything and I can lead this family through this next lockdown with gratitude and confidence.

With 2020 behind us and a global vaccine roll out, I have allowed myself to feel hope as we enter this third closure. With gratitude and confidence, however, I will not only FEEL but I will also LEAD.

What positive words do you communicate to yourself?

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