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Introducing The Communication Trifecta

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

With a new administration upon us, innovation everywhere and individuals wanting to lead and be led, I can't help but notice the words and tactics leaders choose to use and avoid out of fear. Often, it feels as though these leaders are unaware of the need for consistency and don't take the necessary time to craft a strategy that builds trust with their audience... and we all know that leading effectively is nearly impossible without trust.

Enter: The Communication Trifecta.

I recommend my clients build their messaging strategy based on the following trifecta: Honesty, Integrity and Discretion. These three words, if understood and applied appropriately, will absolutely help any leader communicate openly, build trust with their audience and motivate sustainable behavior change. It is not easy. Leading with the trifecta means leaning into conflict, admitting when you don't know the answer and building a tribe that supports and fights for your cause.

Honesty - It is simple. Be truthful. Don't lie

Integrity - Keep your word

Discretion - Be mindful of what you share and when you share it (this is the trickiest of the three and requires practice)

If you are ready to communicate like a leader, check out our posts on honesty, integrity and discretion.

If you are interested in reading more, check out my previous posts on leadership and communication: Talk the truth and lead like a parent

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